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The journey from an abandoned child to a doctor – Marufa Isty Ohana

This is the story of Ms. Marufa Isty Ohana, a neglected child of her father, about how she faced her challenges chasing her dream and with the help of BEES, made a way toward her dream come true.

It all started in 1998, when Mr. Osman Goni and Ms. Easmin Arman Rupa, the parents of MS. Marufa got married. Mr. Goni used to work overseas; he first traveled to Italy in 1999 and obtained a work visa before moving to Greece. However, this couple had their first child, Ms. Marufa in 2003; since childhood, Ms. Marufa demonstrated her talents throughout her academic career. She began her education in 2008 at Worldview International School, where she completed the PSC in 2013. She then enrolled in Khilgaon Model High School and took the 2016 Junior School Certificate Exam. She passed from Motijheel Government Girls High School with her SSC in 2019 and from Government Bangla College with her HSC in 2021. She received an overall GPA 5 on all of her academic exams.

In 2004, Marufa’s maternal grandparents, thinking about the better future of their daughter and granddaughters, contributed Tk. 10 lakhs taka to purchase a land of 3.5 katha in Badda of Dhaka city, where her father gave only Tk.5 lakhs. However, Mr. Osman Goni tricked everyone and bought the land on his name only. In 2013, Marufa’s father sold that land and received Tk. 34 lakhs. He took away all the money, leaving his wife and daughters behind. In the same year, he remarried and had a son with his second wife.

Mr. Goni never look after his first family since 2006. Marufa’s maternal grandparents took the responsibility of their family, though they were a very low incoming person. Despite all the financial problems, they were so happy and passed their days with joy living in a shelter. Unfortunately, in 2010, her grandparent died and they fall into uncertainty. After the separation of her parents when Marufa was only a student of class II, Marufa’s father did not take any responsibility of his ex-wife and daughters. He did not send a single penny after 2006. To survive with two daughters, Ms. Rupa started job in an Insurance Company and also did promotional activities being a worker at several marketing companies. Those jobs were very challenging for earning to meet up their regular basic needs. She also worked for other organizations including Pathway, Save the Children and ICDDRB. But due to covid 19 pandemic, she lost her job and fall into a severe crisis and had to sell her 30 decimal of parental properties by Tk. 4 lakhs. Ms. Rupa gave the highest effort to earn money to meet up her family’s basic needs. Currently, she is working on marketing and teaching school students. From teaching, she earns Tk. 9000 per month from her private tuition and Tk. 8000 per month from the Educare Coaching Centre. It’s very uncertain to hold the work uninterruptedly and also too much poor amount to survive with her children. In addition, with other expenditures, she has to pay Tk. 10,000/month for her rented house. Since childhood, Marufa had a dream to become a doctor, so she gave her utmost effort to study. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the required marks for getting admission in public medical colleges. All her dreams were shattered at once. She then was so disappointed in her existence, she started questioning her worth of living; At that time her mother Ms. Ruba came beside her.

Ms. Rupa sold her last possession by Tk. 6 lakhs which was a 6.5 decimal land in their home area and paid Tk. 5 lakhs as the first installment to a private medical college during her daughter’s admission. Taking this decision was very hard for them. However, No matter how difficult their life was, Ms. Rupa supported her daughter’s dream. Cruelly, this was not the end. She has to pay Tk. 5 lakhs as the second installment in December 2022 and Tk. 3 lakhs as the third installment in February 2023. Therefore, Ms. Rupa came to the Executive Director of BEES in search of a scholarship under the graduation program of BEES. Considering her potential, invincible interest, passion towards her goal, financial status, and family support, BEES decided to provide her Tk. 125,000 as per the graduation program. This amount was very helpful for them. Ms. Marufa became very emotional to take another step forward toward her dreams. They expressed their gratitude to BEES for their kindness and contribution.

BEES wishes Ms. Marufa to become a very successful doctor!

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