• Working together towards a better future since 1975

Bangladesh Extension Education Services (BEES) is a registered national NGO with 49 years of experience. Since 1975, BEES has been working on the socio-economic and livelihood development of marginalized and less privileged communities. the journey of BEES began with the Bogura Rural Development Project (BRDP) project under the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), and later evolved into a separate functional NGO, with a strong commitment to support the development of Bangladesh. BEES provides a range of services in the disciplines of Microfinance, Agriculture, Health, Education, and social safety net integrating environment and climate change as a cross-cutting issue within the programs. Over the years, BEES has expanded its services and working areas, holding various certifications and partnerships.
BEES is now registered with the Department of Social Welfare, Directorate of Family Planning, Joint Stock Company, Micro-credit Regulatory Authority (MRA) and the NGO Affairs Bureau. BEES has been implementing different programs and projects in collaboration with multiple Ministries and international and National organizations since its inception. BEES is a reputed member of USAID’s Climate financing network. However, understanding the social needs, BEES has its self-supported program as well.

Bringing socio-economic and lifestyle changes in the lives of the poor, illiterate, neglected, unskilled and malnourished people, especially women and children is the mission of BEES. BEES started its’ journey with the commitment to reach every remote corner of Bangladesh. Currently, BEES has established a formidable presence nationwide covering approximately 90% of Bangladesh with 24 zonal and 283 branch offices with more than 400,000 beneficiaries. So far, BEES has empowered more than 6 million people. Our services include agricultural development, Agri-research, healthcare, nutrition, personal hygiene, sanitation education, and the empowerment of women through skill development and enterprise loans. These initiatives laid the foundation for BEES’ transformative journey.

BEES maintains an inclusive approach to decision-making, taking inputs from staff, clients, and other stakeholders as needed when incorporating new ideas or making changes. It has embraced digitalization, making the operations paperless and ensuring real-time information and transparency. The home-grown web-based software system has emerged as a core strength, efficiently processing data into actionable insights, facilitating accounting, and enabling real-time monitoring and correction. BEES now has a comprehensive development model, incorporating the principles of inclusive finance and integrated development. The staff are continuously trained, refurbished and upskilled to be well-equipped with evolving needs. Looking ahead, BEES is committed to growing and adapting. Our journey into the future includes a strengthened focus on youth empowerment, environmental sustainability, gender equity, and holistic development. We will continue expanding our reach, fostering collaboration, and making a positive impact on the hearts of millions.