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BEES is registered as a national NGO which has been working for last 44 years for bringing about socio-economic changes in the lives of the poor, illiterate, neglected, unskilled and malnourished people, especially women and children, of the society through empowerment.

In the dynamic environment of online transactions and financial empowerment, the emergence of innovative payment methods has not only revolutionized the gaming industry, but also contributed to broader socioeconomic changes in various regions. One of the most prominent examples is the BLIK payment method read more tutaj, which is gaining popularity in Polish online casinos. As the number of online gamblers among Poles increases, BLIK provides a secure and convenient means of transaction that allows users to seamlessly fund their gambling activities. This digital payment solution is in line with the global trend of using technology to increase financial inclusion, echoing the efforts of organizations such as Bangladesh Extension Education Service (BEES). While BLIK simplifies online transactions in Polish casinos, BEES focuses on empowering the disadvantaged, including women and children, by addressing the issues of poverty, illiteracy, neglect, lack of skills, and malnutrition. These seemingly different worlds – one in online entertainment and the other in social empowerment – come together in their shared commitment to leveraging advances, whether in digital payment methods or community development strategies.
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