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PKSF scholarship:

PKSF has been operating a scholarship program for the undergraduate students for those who are meritorious and from the vulnerable families of the working areas. PKSF has been implementing the program through its partner organizations since 2012. BEES is also one of the partner organizations of PKSF and has been operating the scholarship program for undergraduate students since the inception of this program. Up to June 2022, a total of 75 students received the benefit from this program.

A total of 54 under graduate students of different institutions received PKSF scholarship during the reporting period. Each student received TK. 12,000 for one time as a scholarship, so a total of TK. 648,000 had been provided to 54 students. Among those students, 28 were male and 26 were female; all were very much happy getting the scholarship from BEES.