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Risk, Disaster and Compliance Division is a wing of BEES created in 2020, which is directly lead under the supervision of the then Chief Operating Officer (COO), present Executive Director (ED) of BEES. The goal of this Division is to identify risk and threats to ensure smooth organizational operations through assessing and follow up the organizational activities concerning the microfinance services.

During the reporting period, the Division monitored the activities of Compliance Officers on regular basis, inspected the branch and samity offices, analyzed the monthly audit report and shared the findings with the relevant senior officials, other stakeholders, maintained relationship with Microfinance Regulatory Authority (MRA), NGO Bureau, Bangladesh Bank, Non-Governmental Banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions.

Goals and Objectives: The major objectives of this cell are
1) to provide the suggestion and guidance to the organization in order to face and control the potential threats,
2) to detect the risk/disasters/non-compliance issues early on and let the authority know,
3) to ensure field-level effective inspection in BEES Branch office and samity offices,
4) to do follow-up of field offices to achieve 100% samity office set-up as well as overdue free samity offices, and
5) to ensure field-level profit of every Branch office and portfolio staff and maintain regular follow-up.  The cell consists of a team of four members, however, 24 Compliance Officers in 24 zones work directly with this Cell.

Target beneficiaries: Group members of microfinance program and other community people of working areas.

Working area: Current working areas of BEES intervention.