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BEES has a strong IT team consisting of ten IT experts leading by a Program Manager. The department provides IT related support to all the programs of BEES. In 2012 BEES entered the automation system to maintain the accounts of Micro Finance program through Omni Enterprise Software. Since December 2020, BEES has been using its own developed software named ‘Micro Credit Controller’. The team is continuously working for further development of the system to make the software more user friendly and with low cost. In addition, IT department developed a software on HR Management to manage the data/information of existing and ex staff detailed. It also developed another software named BEES Archive to maintain several documents, files and developed inventory system for maintaining the purchasing, shifting and stock related data.


To provide efficiency, security, and effectiveness to the whole system of BEES.


To manage the organizations data, to maintain the software system, update features, find bugs and do bug fixing, incorporating new features to ensure user convenience.

Core Services

The core activities of this cell are as follows:

  • Software maintenance
  • Bug fixing, testing, and deploying
  • Ensuring data safety
  • Acting upon the user requirements and ensure smooth user experience
  • Incorporating new features