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BEES Bangabandhu Scholarship 2020:

The year 2020-2021 is the special year for the people of Bangladesh. It is the year of birth centenary of the great architect of Bangladesh’s independence, the father of nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. So, the year has been named as ‘Mujibborsa’. To commemorate and celebrate that special year, different memorable activities have been performed, “Bangabandhu Scholarship” is one of those. BEES initiated scholarship program for economically vulnerable but meritorious students in higher education as “BEES Bangabandhu Scholarship 2020”. A total of 21 students got that scholarship facility till June 2022. Each student received TK. 3,000 per month as scholarship. The students were in graduation level, they were mainly from the course of MBBS, Finance, Agriculture, Engineering, Social Science, Management, Electronics & Telecommunication, Finance & Banking and Animal Husbandry. They were very much happy getting this facility from BEES. According to their opinion, since getting scholarship, they could be more attentive in their study. They kept themselves apart from mandatory tuitions to other students for collecting their own tuitions fees, their parent did not take loan from others to bear their children’s educational cost. So, their guardians were also happy for the facility of scholarship.