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‘ENRICH (Shamriddhi)’ is a special program of Microfinance to reduce the poverty and uplift the livelihood status of program’s beneficiaries. Followings are the detailed about the program:

ENRICH is a program of holistic approach to address the multidimensional poverty, which means- “Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty.” BEES has been implementing the program at Nayonsree Union of Nawabgonj Upazila in Dhaka District since July 2014 under the supervision of PKSF. This program is designed to cover the whole population of the Union.


To ensure human dignity and freedom by gradually reducing poverty in a sustainable manner, towards total elimination of poverty and beyond poverty sustainable development at the household level in the unions under the program.


•Attaining total development of each household as well as the whole community participating in ENRICH.
•Ensuring freedom from all ‘un-freedom’ and human dignity for all members of all households under ENRICH.
•Empowering the poor households so that they can pursue a pathway that would lead them towards the goal
•Ensuring access of all participants in ENRICH to all capacity enhancing activities such as education, skill training, health services, essential institutional facilities, appropriate technologies and so on.

Target beneficiaries: The community people participating in ENRICH.

Working area: Nayonsree Union, Nawabgonj Upazilla, Dhaka.