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Over the past 42 years, BEES’s relief and rehabilitation programs have been supported and financed by CIDA, CRWRC, UNAID, the Canadian Wheat Bank, World Relief Canada, UNDP, UNICEF and WFP. In some cases, when the donor’s fund was not available, BEES has financed its own initiatives. Currently, it has 21 employees who are fully trained in disaster preparedness and management.  Additionally, four senior officers have received training in disaster management from UNDP. Besides, a total of 24 staffs were given training on disaster preparedness and management by Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre (BDPC).

BEES provides relief work by providing food, medicine & treatment and building homes & infrastructure. In 2006, BEES has been selected as a pre-qualified NGO to work with the UN country team in responding to natural disaster emergencies in Bangladesh.