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The Poultry and Livestock sector is an integral part of farming in Bangladesh and it’s predominantly a rural activity. It’s a source of protein and also generates a substantial cash income and creates employments for the families who are engaged in this sector. Realizing the promising future of such program, BEES brings out the poultry and livestock project for the rural poor women and landless people. Training, technical support and credit were provided to the target population and other necessary support services were ensured for improving their livelihood development. Livestock contributes 6.5% towards the GDP of Bangladesh and it’s a major source of animal protein.Poultry and livestock sector could be a source of gainful income using modern method of rearing and could be imparted to the rural women and landless people through appropriate training & other support services. BEES started this program from inception and BEES has vast experience in implementing this program. Based on previous experiences, in 1997 BEES has started the program with a developed strategy incorporating some new components and assistance.

The objectives of the poultry and livestock program are:

  • Increase income particularly of women
  • Reduce poultry and livestock mortality
  • Improve the variety of poultry birds and upgrades the local breeds of livestock through crossbreeding
  • Fulfill protein need of the rural poor and generating employment among them.

The poultry and livestock program is implemented with the assistance from the government and includes the following components:

  • Selection of beneficiaries: BEES selects group members and provides different types of training on poultry and livestock rearing and management.
  • Arrangement of vaccine: BEES arranges vaccines and vaccination equipment from Govt. Livestock and Poultry Dept. and later on distributes to the beneficiaries.
  • Arrangement of credit: Program staff ensures needbased credit for poultry and livestock rearing.
  • Technical services: BEES provides technical services to the program beneficiaries by technical staff.

Since 1998, the poultry and livestock program has been contributing towards self-employment, nutritional and livestock resource development. This program was established for the landless and underprivileged people focusing on women with no education or formal literacy. This program plays a vital role in poverty alleviation by creating income generating activities for the target beneficiaries. We hope that this program will improve the standard of living of beneficiaries and empowers the female beneficiaries in the long run.

The female beneficiaries of Poultry and Livestock program can make money by selling milk, eggs and meat. This also leads to enhance nutritional status for the beneficiaries’ family and provides the former product for the community’s consumption. The program offers a range of services, including training on poultry and cattle rearing, supply of healthier and quality poultry and cattle breeds, vaccination for poultry and livestock, and credit facilities for beneficiaries to undertake income generating activities (IGAs) effectively. The trainings focus on the ways to reduce mortality and improve the breed of poultry and cattle through cross breeding.