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Microfinance, though a later entry in BEES’s developmental activities, is playing a vital role in changing the socio-economic condition of the target people since 1988. Earlier in 1980 as a project of CRWRC, in collaboration with Bangladesh bank and later with Rajshahi Krishi Unnoyan Bank (RAKUB), BEES has started to work under the microfinance program. Currently, Microfinance is the major program of BEES and provides the much-needed capital to the beneficiaries to implement in various fields of developmental activities which help them generate income for their concerned families. It has truly orchestrated a way for poverty alleviation through microfinance along with human resource development, income generation, and other promotional activities.

Besides self-employment, a large number of wage-based employment opportunities are also being created every year. The beneficiaries are becoming graduated every year and they are receiving microenterprise loans as entrepreneurs. Small businesses are creating employment prospects for the target population. The cycle is creating multiple positive impacts to reduce poverty. Microfinance now works in a holistic approach by providing health, education and agricultural support services. For increasing self-sustainability and thereby improving physical wellbeing, the demand for Microfinance fund has increased over the years. Due to the need and growth of this sector, BEES is borrowing from commercial banks other than PKSF to increase the total outstanding gradually to meet the demand of its client.

Goal of Microfinance

Enhancing the scope of social-economic uplift and empowering the disadvantaged people especially women through Microfinance.


BEES designed its Microfinance Program through the lens of social pragmatic and sustainable development with the objectives:

  • Creation of self and wage-based employment
  • Contribution towards establishing social equity and fundamental human rights
  • Improvement of life skills and unbundling livelihood opportunities for the underprivileged people
  • Reduction of poverty through building resilience
  • Ultimately, supplement sustainable development as a whole.

Components of Microfinance Program

BEES microfinance program is a package of programs for development and poverty reduction. The components of this program are

  • Savings components
  • Credit components
  • Insurance components
  • Social services components

BEES organized the rural and urban poor people under a formal group following certain rules and regulations. Primary members of BEES should be landless (landowner from 0 to <0.50 Acres) and asset-less. Moreover, through this process (as described below), the members who become graduated are the members of BEES’s Micro enterprise Program.

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