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Savings Components

Every group member of BEES needs to maintain two obligatory savings account; General Savings and Emergency Savings. Moreover, BEES enjoys the opportunity to keep up an optional savings which is called Enterprise Development Savings Program (EDSP).Under these product BEES members have deposited BDT143,00,55,459 which is 28% of their received loan.

General Saving

It is a compulsory saving for the members. Every member of BEES has to deposit Tk.30.00 to 300.00 every week in their group meeting. They can withdraw 50% of yearly deposit twice a year. When a member leaves BEES, she/he can withdraw full amount recovering the dues properly. BEES gives6% per annum as interest to the accounts.

Emergency Savings

This is another compulsory saving for BEES members. Every member has to deposit Tk.10.00 to any amount per week in their group meeting. They are eligible to withdraw any amount whenever they want. If any of the members leave BEES, he/she can withdraw the total amount after recovering all the dues. The interest rate is same as General savings.

Enterprise Development Savings Program (EDSP)

This is an optional and unique saving product for BEES members. The members those who are interested to receive Micro Enterprise loan and want to be an entrepreneur, it is an opportunity for him. Member can deposit any amount on regular monthly basis. The interest rate is initially 6% per annum. But, after three years the members will get additional 2% as grant.

Credit Components

Credit is the most significant component of Microfinance Program. The members receive capital through credit facilities to fight against poverty. BEES has five different loan products, they are:

  • Jagoron (Basic credit facilities for rural and urban poor people);
  • Agroshor (Enterprise loan facilities for rural and urban small entrepreneur);
  • Sufolon (Agricultural credit facilities for the farmers);
  • Buniad (Credit facilities for the ultra poor people);
  • Sahosh (Disaster recovery credit facilities at subsidized rate).


This component is for the moderate poor of rural and urban areas those who have cultivatable land less than 50 decimals. This is the major component of BEES’s Microfinance Program. The individual loan range of the component is up to BDT 49,000. Borrowers can invest this loan in any legal income generating activities for their betterment.


A large number of members become graduated from normal program and come out of the poverty trap. This component is especially designed for them. Individual loan range of the component is BDT 50,000 to 15,00,000. The aim of the program is to create small entrepreneurs who will create wage based employment beside self-employment. BEES through this program promotes small enterprise, businesses and creates subsequent employment opportunities in both rural and urban areas


Throughout the past years, BEES observed that even though its Microcredit Programs covers a large number of beneficiaries, but in many cases the ultra-poor remained left out due to a variety of reasons. From our experiences, we have realized that this sector required extra assistance and attention to come out of shadow of poverty. Thus, BEES initiated a specialized program that targets extreme poor including landless people.


BEES, through this component disburses loan to the farmer for crop, livestock, fisheries and agriculture related business. Moreover, BEES disburses installment and seasonal loan based on the installment made by the borrower. BEES provides seasonal agriculture loan to its borrowers at the beginning of a particular season and collects it from farmers after harvesting. Therefore, the farmers can utilize agricultural inputs properly and they can avail materials to increase their production day by day.


Ultra-poor, Moderate Poor and Pro-poor, these groups get affected first by any disaster. Therefore, BEES have targeted these groups under Microfinance Program. This program is specially designed to help the affected people to fight against all the natural calamities. To mitigate disaster, BEES provides loan to the affected borrowers at a yearly interest rate of 4% only. BEES also initiates relief and rehabilitation program for them.

Insurance component

BEES has two insurance components for its borrowers. They are:

  1. Credit Risk Management Fund (CRMF) and
  2. BEES Micro Insurance (BMI)

Credit Risk Management Fund (CRMF)

All of the borrowers except the ultra-poor and PRIME should pay 1% of their disbursed amount as an insurance premium. Borrowers under ultra-poor and PRIME Program can avail these facilities without paying anything. It is credit insurance. Firstly, if any of the borrowers or prime earning person of borrower’s family dies rest of their loan amount will be adjusted by the Insurance Fund. Secondly, disaster affected borrowers will get support from this fund as well. Thirdly, the borrowers who are severely affected by any disease are eligible to get support from this fund. Lastly, the loan amount of migrated and disable borrowers will be adjusted from this fund. Members will be eligible to get refund of their savings after adjusting the loan.

BEES Micro Insurance (BMI)

BEES has initiated an especial Micro Insurance Policy for its members. It is not obligatory for all its members. Interested members can avail this policy. It is a kind of endowment policy with additional benefits such as agriculture, health, education and early childhood development care as well as death coverage.

Social Services Components

To improve the socio-economic condition, BEES also provides awareness and capacity building training, IGA training and primary health care services. To improve these social services BEES has a Member Charter of following twenty points:

  • Follow the rules of BEES and overcome poverty by receiving and proper utilizing necessary amount of loan from BEES.
  • Attend every group meeting on time and inspire all members to do the same.
  • Save more and protect ourselves from any difficulties.
  • Don’t increase loan burden and never have overdue.
  • Don’t clash with each other; every different opinion can be solved by discussion.
  • Never use finger print; teach children.
  • Register new born child at Union Perished/Municipality/City Corporation.
  • Use Sanitary Latrine and wash hand clearly after using it.
  • Feed colostrums to new born baby and give only breast feed up to six month age.
  • Provide all immunization vaccinesto new born baby within a year.
  • Don’t throw your daughter’s life in risk by early marriage (before 18 years old).
  • Grow more Fruits, herbs and Medicinal trees.
  • Rear livestock and poultry through modern methods and increase income & nutrition supply for family.
  • Take equal care of son and daughter; give them nutritious food.
  • Stop giving or receiving dowry to establish a dowry free society.
  • Take part in all the elections and cast vote by your own decision.
  • Receive BEES health services and stay healthy.

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