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Bangladesh Extension Education Services (BEES) has been experiencing from the date of its emergence – knitting changes for progress and prosperity towards human resource development is the very practical and overarching way for easing vulnerability to chronic hunger and deep-seated impoverishment. The tragic reality is that poverty is a life-threatening fact for most of the people in our country. They dwelling in very distressed condition both in rural and urban areas have not minimal access to opportunity for developing life skill to cope with their poverty. Unlocking this poverty trap is the key for pro-poor economic growth. Bearing at the very heart of the development goals, BEES is arraying staple prosperities widely to expand the scope of development all along.

With special emphasis on community driven activities for sustainable development in a number of innovative ways, BEES set off in 1975 as an integrated development initiative entitled Rural Development Program (RDP) in Bogra District. It has been implementing Poverty Alleviation Program (PAP) since 1997 well-equipped with 3 key pillars of its development approach, such as – enhancing the scope of social mobilization, community empowerment and effecting long-term change. With the passage of time, different development initiatives have been taken by BEES one after another for serving the illiterate, destitute, deprived and indigent people over the years.

BEES’ experiences over the years have shown that poor people and their institutions are assets and potential partners in the search for sustainable solution to development challenges. With enough access to information & knowledge, appropriate capacity and financial support, poor people can effectively organize in order to identify community priorities and address existing problems. Thus, they are geared up to make stride in livelihood development. Therefore, BEES’s effort is to promote income or employment generation through life skill development for the target beneficiaries. In view of this, counting on collective action it is conducting different programs and projects like micro enterprise lending assistance, micro finance, poultry & livestock, agriculture & social forestry, education and so on. Bringing the disadvantaged people of rural and urban areas under the same umbrella, BEES works to form homogeneous groups to facilitate a sustainable change within the society through social and economic emancipation. For changing the behavior, attitude and practice as well as improving knowledge and awareness among the target groups, BEES is initiating inclusive promotional activities comprising training, behavior change communication, interpersonal communication, advocacy, networking and comprehensive social mobilization constantly in the basis of need.