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The economy of Bangladesh mainly depends on agriculture. In 2017-2018, the agricultural sector contributed about 14.10% and in 2018-2019, the sector contributed 13.46% of Gross Domestic Product (BBS 2017-18 & BBS 2018-2019). The cultivable land is being reduced every year due to industrialization and urbanization. Due to fertile land and almost favorable climatic condition, the country is perfect for agricultural farming, though sometimes flash flood, cyclone and drought makes it vulnerable. Proper initiative is required to take for enhancing the agricultural productivity to meet up the demand of high population of the country. Alternatively, social forestry can be identified as a tool for bringing about ecological and socio-economic improvements, as well as alleviating poverty in Bangladesh. Large numbers of trees produce a large amount of biomass and ultimately mitigates the effect of climate change. BEES has been implementing the Agriculture program since 1975. It facilitates farmers to overcome the obstacles in the agriculture field through promoting crop diversification, technology transfer and improved farming practices.

Background and Purpose

BEES started agriculture program with the objective of making farmers economically self-reliant in agriculture and to get rid of economic barrenness. It was later incorporated into community forestry program to mitigate the effect of climate change. 


The prime objective of the program is to increase crop production, introduce climate-resilient crop varieties and protect the environment. BEES improves the standard of living by increasing the production of agricultural crop and tree resources for both consumption and sale. It also creates new employment as well as brings positive socio-economic changes.
These objectives are achieved through providing training, transferring technology, introducing new varieties, arranging inputs, conducting demonstration, motivating & raising awareness, nursery raising & plantation, providing technical assistance, supervising and monitoring field activities etc.

Currently, BEES is running two programs in this sector. They are-